30 Part Flash CS4 Basics Tutorial

In this Flash CS4 tutorial you will learn the basics of Flash CS4 animation. You will familiarize yourself with the Flash CS4 workspace and learn how to use the various tools in order to create a Flash animation.

Flash has many applications in the web world. Flash can be used for advanced motion graphics and animation. Flash can be seen used for interactive ad banners, portfolio sites and advanced online programs. Learning the basics through these tutorials is a great start to becoming pro.

Flash CS4 Tutorials

  1. Flash CS4 Tutorial
  2. Introduction to flash CS4 authoring environment
  3. Panels and Panel workspace in flash CS4
  4. Drawing in flash CS4
  5. Use of polystar tool in flash CS4
  6. Object drawing Mode in Flash CS4
  7. How the Line tool, Pencil tool, brush tool and pen tool work in in Flash CS4
  8. How to use Ink bottle and paint bucket tool in flash CS4
  9. How to manage layers in Flash CS4
  10. How to make an image big on rollover in flash CS4
  11. Creating Mask in Flash CS4
  12. Moving Ball Animation in Flash CS4
  13. How to create a shape tween in Flash CS4
  14. How to create a motion guide in Flash CS4
  15. Learn how to create a bouncing ball in Flash CS4
  16. Learn how to put multiple classic tween on stage at the same time in Flash CS4
  17. Learn Complex Text Animation in Flash CS4
  18. Learn Create Animations involving Masks in Flash CS4
  19. Learn to create a movie clip that fades as the user moves the cursor away from it in Flash CS4
  20. Learn to create cloud animation in Flash
  21. Learn to import sound in Flash CS4.
  22. Learn 3D Art in Flash CS4.
  23. Learn to create a customizable pop-up window using Flash CS4.
  24. How to create a pop up window in flash CS4 using javascript
  25. How to get an url in a blank window in a flash CS4 action script
  26. How to get an url in a blank window in an xml file
  27. How to put your favorite icon in the browser
  28. How to create a scroll bar in Flash CS4
  29. How to create a basic layout in Flash CS4
  30. How to load pictures in flash CS4 dynamically using the loader component