Website analysis in minutes

I ran across  a great resource for anyone who has a website (most everyone these days). The resource is a website that analyzes your website in minutes. I found it extremely revealing with regard my websites and how I can improve them.

Most SEO analyzing websites spit out a ton of confusing information that can be overwhelming if you are just trying to get some pointers on what to adjust or where your site can be improved.

Additionally, I just ran across a web client of mine who was asking a lot of questions about how to improve their website, I went through their site and gave them a list of things to improve. I later found this resource, tried it out and found gave similar instructions that a real person would give.

The website is

Website Grader will ask you for various information, but all you have to enter is your website url and a report will be generated pretty fast. Below are some of the pieces of information they give you about your site.

  • Metadata, alt tags and heading tags
  • How many Inbound links your site has
  • Social media information, twitter and bookmarking popularity
  • Conversion forms
  • Overall traffic rank
  • The reading level of your page content
  • If you have a blog, that can be rated with (same company)

Additionally they will give you an overall website grading from 0 to 100. The grading is not as important as the information it gives you about various parts of your sites presence on the web.

I suggest giving it a spin. Additionally, please let me know if it helped you out.

Website has some great articles on omptimizing your website and increasing visitors:

Website Sales Optimization

increasing-web-salesThis tutorial covers optimizing a website for sales. What does this mean exactly and why is this important.

An example of this is a website I was optimizing that got visits, but no sales. After some steps to optimize it for sales made it a much more productive site that actually sold the intended product almost instantaneously.

There is a lot of hype about page rank, keywords and showing up as number 1 on the search engines, which might tend to distract someone from the real purpose of their site. Do not get me wrong — the subjects I brought up are very important for your website. The point I am making here is that there is so much more involved in getting your site to accomplish it’s purpose.

In most cases, the purpose of the site is business — which would indicate making money by delivering a product.

When you are making a website to sell a product, there are a couple of things you could do to optimize your site for sales. I will go over these next.

The first thing to do when optimizing your website for sales is to go through the exact thing a customer would do to buy something on your site, literally as if you were going to buy something.

After you have done this you need to figure out how you can make it as quick and simple as possible for the customer to buy products on your website.

Once you have finished the first step (Making it as simple as possible to buy products on your website) then move onto the next step: Find ways to get the customers to want to buy.

Wow! that sounds simple… well obviously this step takes some research and thought. The way to do this would be to find out what makes the customer want to buy. You might need to survey a number of customers to find out what makes them want to buy or what they don’t like that makes them not want to buy.

As an example — for one website that I was optimizing, I found out that the customers for that site liked to be able to have a rush shipping option. When we added a box to the home page that said “Rush shipping available”. The sales went up. No money was lost by allowing for rush shipping because the customers paid for the rush (Which they were happy to do to get the item into their hands faster)

The above example just shows what you can to to increase your websites sales by adding small things which communicate to the customer something desirable about buying your products.

After you have optimized your site you want to concentrate on getting more people to your site who are the correct kind of people.

A Site that sold jewelry that had teenage punk rockers being directed to it will not sell — no matter how good it is. Keep this in mind when you are doing other optimizations to your website to get people to it.

I will sum up what was just gone over into 3 basic steps.

3 basic steps for optimizing your websites sales:

  • Ensure the buying process is as simple and fast as possible
  • Communicate desirable things to your customers that will get them to buy
  • Get a lot of the right kind of customers to your website (SEO and Advertising)