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Elegant Themes
Elegant Themes



I was looking around for a while for some well built wordpress themes. I spent many an hour downloading, installing and setting up themes. I couldn’t find anything I really liked.

I was trying to find something with some nice affects, Ajax and something solid.

I stumbled onto Elegant themes and looked at the demos. Almost all of the themes are very nicely designed and well put together.

The only bad thing is the cost. It’s 20 bucks to be able to download any template for a year.

I have used 3 of the templates on my sites and they are great. So far, this is the most valuable set of WordPress for the money.

Other “Theme Clubs” charge you $50 for one overdesigned theme with just enough special effects and glitz to distract you from your wordpress blog’s actual content.

So far I’ve used Evid, EGallery and Quadro(For this site). 

Check it out:

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