Making your wordpress blog mobile Friendly

Making your blog available on mobile platforms

WPTouch WordPress for mobile phonesHave you ever wondered how to make your wordpress available on the iphone, blackberry and all those other great phones? Well I found this plugin which does an amazing job of that without having to change a thing on your wordpress blog.

WPtouch is an entire theme package for your WordPress website. The plugin makes your WordPress website load lightning fast on touch mobile devices, show your content beautifully, all while not interfering with your regular theme. I tried this out on my iphone and it works great. I haven’t tried it on the other phones like the G1 and the blackberry yet.

You can search for “WPTouch” in your WordPress plugin browser, or you can download the plugin directly. Its a totally free plugin.

Download WPTouch here

Here are the basic FAQs from the site to answer typical questions about ther plugin. You really should just try it.

I Thought The IPhone/IPod Touch/Android Shows My
Website Just Fine The Way It Is Now?

Yes, that’s true for the most part. However, not all websites are created equal, with some sites failing to translate well in the viewport of a small mobile device. Many WordPress sites today make heavy use of different javascripts which significantly increase the load time of pages, and drive your visitors on 3G/EDGE batty. So we’ve come up with WPtouch, a lightweight, fast-loading, feature-rich and highly-customized “theme application” which includes an admin interface to let you customize many aspects of your site’s presentation.

Well, What If My Users Don’t Like It & Want To See My Regular Site?

There’s an option in the footer on WPtouch for your users to easily switch between theWPtouch view and your site’s regular appearance. It’s that easy. We even automatically put a little snippet of code into your current theme which will be shown only to iPhone/iPod/Android visitors, giving them control to switch between the two site themes easily.

Will It Slow Down My Blog?

Not bloody likely! Unless of course you’re getting slammed with all sorts of traffic because you’ve installed this sexy thang. The theme package for WPtouch is small (260kb or so). It was designed to be as lightweight and speedy as possible, while still serving your site’s content in a richly presented way, sparing no essential features like search, login, categories, tags, comments etc.


Updating, adding posts and creating draft posts on the IPhone

WoIn addition to making your wordpress blog easily readable and user friendly on mobile phones, there is a way to keep up your blog, add new ideas before you forget and a number of other things. And all this from your IPhone.

I found a plugin that works great for that. It allows you to edit posts and a number of other things. You can add numerous wordpress sites and manage them all from there. Adding a blog is simple after you have downloaded the app.

You can search “WordPress” from your phones App Store or you can get the link directly from here:


Manage WordPress on your IPhone