6 Free Textures: High-Res Wood & Bark

I am releasing these free wood textures for use in designs. These are High-Resolution and are under the Creative Commons License. All of these textures are original and Photographed by me. If you use my textures, please link to my site.

These textures can be downloaded in different sizes by clicking on the links below.

Free Texture: Cross section of a wood log.

Free Texture: Detail of the top part of an old whiskey barrel.

Free Texture: Detail of an old red barn.

Free Texture: High detail of uncoated wood.

Free Texture: High detail of dark rough tree bark.

Free Texture: Varnished aged wood paneling.

5 Free Textures: High-Res Grunge

This is my first set of free grunge textures. I just got a new camera and have decided to release grunge textures and some free photo stock. These textures are grungy and rough and can be used in any of your designs.

The next set of high-res textures I hope to release is wood detail. I find myself needing wood texture often, so I feel I should release a set of those as my next textures. I hope to have time to release a set of free images weekly.

If you wish to share these with others, please link to this post and not directly to Flikr. And of course let me know what you think by commenting below.

Note: To download, click on a texture photo and you will be directed to flikr where you can download the original texture size or smaller versions.

Free Texture: Extreme grunge paint texture.
Extreme grunge paint

Free Texture: Rough, grunge bumpy stone texture.
bumpy rough stone texture

Free Texture: Grungy painted aged wood.
painted wood grunge

Free Texture: Grunge concrete texture.
concrete texture

Free Texture: Rough, Grunge paint splash concrete.
Rough paint splash grunge