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I ran across  a great resource for anyone who has a website (most everyone these days). The resource is a website that analyzes your website in minutes. I found it extremely revealing with regard my websites and how I can improve them.

Most SEO analyzing websites spit out a ton of confusing information that can be overwhelming if you are just trying to get some pointers on what to adjust or where your site can be improved.

Additionally, I just ran across a web client of mine who was asking a lot of questions about how to improve their website, I went through their site and gave them a list of things to improve. I later found this resource, tried it out and found gave similar instructions that a real person would give.

The website is

Website Grader will ask you for various information, but all you have to enter is your website url and a report will be generated pretty fast. Below are some of the pieces of information they give you about your site.

  • Metadata, alt tags and heading tags
  • How many Inbound links your site has
  • Social media information, twitter and bookmarking popularity
  • Conversion forms
  • Overall traffic rank
  • The reading level of your page content
  • If you have a blog, that can be rated with (same company)

Additionally they will give you an overall website grading from 0 to 100. The grading is not as important as the information it gives you about various parts of your sites presence on the web.

I suggest giving it a spin. Additionally, please let me know if it helped you out.

Website has some great articles on omptimizing your website and increasing visitors:

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